Solvita Software

Solvita® Reader

Solvita Reader – Solvita® PC Software to read DCR and IRTH®

Solvita Reader (former DCReader) is a PC software for Solvita users who have acquired a Solvita Digital Color Reader (DCR) or Solvita IRTH™ and wish to access it via a PC.

  • Solvita Reader works with all Solvita products including the Multi-Mode (Yellow), Field (Green) units and IRTH®. It can distinguish which type of DCR or IRTH® is being attached and also reports the serial unit and internal calibration defaults on the unit.
  • Once connected to the PC, the program opens a window displaying test results visually and numerically and includes menu options to enable exporting data to a CSV file for spreadsheet or LIMS use. Solvita Reader is included on a thumb drive with every purchased DCR and IRTH® and is easy to install.
  • Solvita Reader also includes a memory download module for users who have memory installed (all Green Field DCRs, Yellow Multi-Mode DCR), and IRTH®.
Solvita Software

Current Rev:

The current Rev level as of February 2021 is Please inquire if this is not your rev level.  To determine which rev level you have open Solvita Reader, click on Help>About Solvita Reader and the Version number is as the top of the screen. Version 1.4 introduces error-logging, greater reliability overall and a link mechanism for upcoming technology upgrades.
To operate Solvita Reader all you will need is a USB-mini connector cable that comes with your DCR purchase. For IRTH® you will need a micro-USB cable.
Users who did not receive a Solvita Reader may purchase the software in the Solvita store.


DCR Firmware: Apps that run on DCRs

Two Versions of firmware downloads are available for Solvita DCR’s. Note: current rev’s are pre-installed on all new DCR’s.

Solvita DCR Multi Mode

Multi-Mode DCR Firmware REV 701.2 (pre-installed on Yellow DCRs)

Solvita® DCR Firmware controls the behavior of the DCR relative to the model and selected test.  Your new DCR will have current level firmware pre-installed. The latest Rev 701.2 includes memory storage, a new color system with three-point calibration. This is a major rev change and is not reverse-compatible. All DCR models 700.6 and lower must be upgraded to obtain the new functionality of 701.2.  Contact Solvita for instructions.



Solvita DCR Field Unit

Field DCR Firmware (pre-installed on Green DCRs)

This firmware controls the behavior of the Solvita Field Test DCR. Your new DCR will have current level firmware pre-installed. The current firmware rev 12.4 presents color value displayed on the LCD screen and converts to display CO2 as pounds per acre (lb/a) or optionally kilograms/hectare (kg/ha) based on soil volume measured. This firmware includes a memory module to store up to 2,000 results before downloading via Solvita Reader. Contact Solvita for instructions.