Earth, Plant and Compost


By Will Brinton


Will Brinton writes the preface and served as editor of this publication prepared from interviews, experience, and contributions from notable speakers at European symposiums dating from the time Brinton was an undergrad student in Europe. The topic: farm-oriented composting. The book presents an overview of compost principles followed by sections on farm-scale and home-garden oriented composting. The unique angle in the book is its practical experience and realistic approach to composting; it even offers useful critique of “the dazzling generalizations” that dominate modern composting to no effect: “static prescriptions for C:N ratios may cause harm as well as good”… to “the misunderstanding and over-selling the intensive-aerobic view of composting reduces its sustainability in the long term…”

Also offered is a special section on determining compost quality with tests that can be easily user-performed. The final section develops a picture of standard and unusual uses of compost products, including some discussion of the principles and practice of compost teas used for natural pesticides.

Softcover, 74 pages, ISBN: 0-938250-107-8

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