Solvita Soil Health Suite

Soil Health Suite

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Solvita Soil Health Suite Overview: The Solvita Suite is a stand-alone soil health laboratory to be used inside or outside a commercial laboratory environment – on a farm, in a field project or a classroom. Designed after years of extension work by Woods End staff this package provides tools and protocols to enable anyone to perform accurate measurements relevant to soil health parameters touching on the “functional triangle” of physical, biological and chemical traits.

Solvita Soil Health Suite Application: The kit provides basic soil sampling protocols, enabling obtaining a fresh undisturbed sample, preparing and sieving the soil, gentle crushing with soil rolling – all necessary steps to avoid the common but destructive lab practice of hammer-milling.  In addition to being a standalone soil health kit, this package is an alternative to commercial lab soil health tests which presently do not control for soil disturbance, but ignore it. With this kit you can check up on a sample that may have unusual results from a commercial lab. An important feature is the capability to reveal soil basal respiration (undisturbed samples) in contrast to CO2-burst a popular but disturbed sample approach. Specifically, the user can explore physical (water stable aggregates), chemical (storage amino nitrogen) and biological (soil respiration, as CO2-Burst or Basal) aspects all features not normally part of a routine soil commercial analysis and which examine fertility in a broader light. Includes a license and training video.

Contents: Included in the test kit package are:

  • 100 Soil CO2 detector probes with 9 gas-tight 475mL jars, beakers and screens
  • 100 SLAN detector probes with 6 gas-tight 250cc jars and beakers
  • VAST test and license fee for 100 tests
  • Digital Color Reader Multi-Mode
  • 30cc scoop with striker
  • Soil Roller
  • Sieve, soil knife, scale and soil thermometer
  • Training Video for aggregate stability
  • QAQC soil samples for Solvita Proficiency Program

Refills: Additional jars and probes in lab-pack quantities are available to maintain the test.

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