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Compost Testing by Woods End Laboratories

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  • Includes Wet Density, Total Solids, Moisture, Water Holding Capacity, pH, Free Carbonates, Conductivity (EC), Total Organic Matter, Total Nitrogen, C:N, Ash Content, Solvita Maturity Index.


  • Comprehensive Quality Test. Includes all Basic Components (#101 above) plus total minerals (Ca, P, K, Na, Mg), soluble nitrogen (Ammonium and Nitrate), Trace Elements/Metals: Cu, Mn, Fe, Pb, Cr, Cd, Ni. Does not include EPA Metals Hg, As, Se, Mo.


  • Wheat, Cress and Red Clover assay includes growth and herbicide bio-activity and germinable weed seeds.

BEST USE Classification (#710a)

  • includes #101 and #202 plus analysis ranking of 5 potential Best Use for composted products


  • Solvita Maturity Index (Code #105): 4 hr CO2 respiration and NH3 with CMI calculation
  • Total Carbon (Code #113a): for Carbon sequestration and more accurate C:N calculation
  • Multi-Day CO2 Respiration (Code #106 IR): IRTH® 24hr to 4-day CO2 respiration, 1 reading
  • Particle Size Sieve, Level 1 (Code #109): sieving of compost fractions from 3/8” to 2mm
  • Man-Made Inerts Level 2 (Code #Inerts): sieve test of particle sizes from 3/4” down to 2mm
    Size Groups and Man-Made Inerts Classification (Percentage in plastic, metal, glass, debris)
  • Dewar Self-Heating (Code #203): 5-day self-heating test, European standard


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