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Soil Health Testing by Woods End Soil Lab

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Basic Soil Health Testing Analysis:
#100 W:

  • Solvita CO2-Burst
  • Solvita SLAN
  • VAST (Aggregate Stability)
  • WSOC (water soluble organic carbon)
  • Available-Nitrate as NO3-N
  • C:N of water fraction
  • Ranking of Soil Health against eco-physiographic region


Premium Soil Health Testing Analysis:
#100 P-OM:

  • includes P in CO2 Carbonated Water
  • K, Na, Ca, Mg, Storage P in Mehlich Extract
  • Solvita CO2 Respiration
  • Solvita SLAN
  • VAST (Aggregate Stability)
  • Also included are: water soluble carbon, nitrate, soil organic matter, pH, C:N ratio, soil bulk density
  • Ranking of Soil Health and Overall fertility Index compared to eco-physiographic region


#100 P-TC:

  • all of the above; substitutes organic matter with total organic carbon


#100 P-OM/TC:

  • all of the above, plus total organic carbon



  • Soil Texture

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