Digital Color Reader – Multi-Mode Unit


Used for All Test Applications


Overview: Solvita’s Digital Color Reader (DCR) is a hand-held colorimeter that reads all Solvita probes with higher precision than is possible by visual color chart comparisons. This enables conversion to numerical units that can be saved and used in data tabulation.  The DCR closely matches the colors found on the basic level color charts displaying them on a LCD screen and on a PC with connecting cables. Application: The multi-mode DCR (yellow) is primarily intended for laboratory use enabling reading probes for Compost Maturity (high CO2 and NH3), Soil CO2, Soil SLAN.  It expands the usefulness of Solvita tests by reporting both color and equivalent chemistries in standard units.

  • For Compost Maturity:
    • reports CO2 Color and % CO2 in compost headspace;
    • reports NH3 Color, vol% NH3 and mg NH3-N volatized per sample
  • For Soil CO2-Burst:
    • reports color and mg/kg (ppm) as CO2-C evolved in 24 hrs
  • For Soil Labile Amino-N (SLAN):
    • reports color and mg/kg (ppm) as NH3-N released in 24-hrs
  • For Basal Soil Respiration and Grain Spoilage:
    • reports color and mg/kg (ppm) CO2-C on an as-is basis.

Contents: Included in the DCR package are:

  • Jump-drive with Solvita Reader Software
  • DCR Optic Check Chips
  • Compost Maturity Index (CMI) Calculator
  • 30cc basic plastic scoop for CO2-Burst Protocol


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7 × 4 in

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