Farmers across America have increasing access to soil biology testing thanks in part to Solvita. Presently more than 40 soil labs* now offer Solvita CO2 Respiration as part of their services. Many of these lab are also reporting Solvita data in the ALP program. “The labs are now creatively incorporating Solvita into their reporting programs, showing a diversity that reflects regions, soil types and customer-farmer needs”, says Brinton, originator of the Solvita procedure.  Best-Test Analytical Services of Moses Lake WA has recently added Solvita to their services for growers (see inset). Stephen Jones, lab owner, says this: “Solvita is important in refining our knowledge of organic matter in soils. We are hugely guessing in regard to soil quality. The test provides a tool for farmers which is what we have been trying to do.”  The recent Pacific Northwest Soil Lab tour lead by Bob Miller (ALP) and sponsored by Solvita (Will Brinton) included visits to several soil labs: SoilTest Farm Consultants (Moses Lake, WA), Best Test Analytical Services (Moses Lake, WA), AgSource Harris (Umatilla, Oregon), and Kuo Testing Lab (Othello, WA). The tour ended with a special visit to the Lamb Weston facility.

Labs included in the previous Midwest Lab Tour sponsored by Solvita in March 2012 included:  AgSource – LGI Laboratory, AgSource–Harris Laboratory, Servi-Tech Laboratory, Ward Laboratories and a special visit to the NRCS National Soil Survey Center in Lincoln, NE where presentation was made on soil health (for more information on the tours see the SPAC Newsletter at the Soil & Plant Analysis Council.

*For an update on soil labs offering Solvita and for future plans for lab tours for soiltest professionals please contact SOLVITA .