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12 Pack 475ml Jars

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NEW: For use with CO2-Burst Test (SOP 2019)

Contents: Bulk Pack (12) polystyrene 475 ml jars with lids, gas-tight gaskets and 50cc soil beakers plus water dispersion-screens. The jar size is calibrated to the current Solvita CO2 burst method and is presently the only size recognized for the correct protocol. This jar replaces the earlier 8 oz (265 ml) jars. The new, larger volume enables better dispersion of CO2% in the headspace for more accurate assessment of respiration using the gel-probe method. The water dispersion screens are cut to fit the beakers and are a convenience to help reduce surface muddying when top-applying water to fill soil pores for optimal respiration tests.

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Dimensions 14 × 12 × 5 in

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