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25, 50 or 100 Pack

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Overview: Solvita® CO2-Burst is a groundbreaking laboratory protocol to measure soil CO2 respiration from processed, pre-dried soils as customary in soil labs. CO2-burst is a special instance of soil respiration due to enhanced CO2 output after rewetting soil, and serves as an overall indicator of soil microbial potential.

Application: This simple, standardized application requires dried, weighed soil to be added to the incubation jars, wetted by a specified protocol and sealed with a CO2-probe for a 24-hr period at a fixed temperature.

Results of the CO2-burst are preferably read with a in CO2-Lo mode to attain appropriate quantification as mg/kg CO2-C.

Contents: Included in the test kit package is your choice of either 25, 50 or 100 probes.

Note: Jars are not included, can be purchased separately in 6 packs.

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