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Upgrade to Basic Field CO2 Test

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Overview: The Solvita Field Test is intended for measuring soil respiration in fresh soil samples not processed in a lab. The Premium package upgrades the Basic version to include capability to weigh soils and to quantify the CO2 results by use of a Digital Color Reader (DCR) designed for simple field use.

Application: This version introduces capability to weigh fresh soil and to standardizing color reading using a field DCR which reports values of CO2-output  in pounds per acre (or kg per hectare). The Field (green) DCR also extends the range of Solvita probe readings up to color 6.5 instead of the normal 5.0, enabling quantitation of field results up to 195 lb/acre CO2-C.  The field Digital Color Reader (DCR) stores up to 2000 results internally which can be conveniently uploaded with the included PC software.

Contents: Included in the test kit package are:

  • Soil CO2 detector probes (your choice of either 25 or 50)
  • 6 Incubation jars (polystyrene 475 ml with lids affixed with gas-tight gaskets)
  • Green Field Digital Color Reader (DCR) programmed for field use
  • Scale
  • USB cable and jump drive with Solvita Reader Software and drivers
  • Instruction Manual with interpretation guide

Refills: Additional probes and jars are available in varying quantities to .

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Dimensions 10.5 × 7 × 8 in

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