Soil Amino-N (SLAN) Test Refill


25, 50 or 100 Pack

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Overview: SLAN (Solvita Labile Amino-N) is a unique bio-chemical soil test to assess stored organic nitrogen present in various amino-forms associated with humus. The content of SLAN is a general indicator of improved soil quality.

Application: This laboratory application requires a small of amount of dried, weighed soil to be extracted by NaOH in the presence of a Solvita ammonia detector probe, which captures the amino-N forms as they volatize inside an incubation jar over 24-hrs.

Results of SLAN are preferably read with a Solvita Digital Color Reader (DCR) in the NH3-mode to attain appropriate quantification as mg/kg Amino-N. DCR can be ordered separately.

Contents: Included in the test kit package is your choice of either 25, 50 or 100 probes.

Note: Jars are not included, can be purchased separately in 6 packs.

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