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Solvita CMI Calculator Overview: The Solvita® Compost Maturity protocol uses both CO2 and NH3 probes to simultaneously test compost. This simple, dual procedure enables more accurate pinpointing of maturity which depends on both carbon and nitrogen stabilization.  This protocol is recognized worldwide for validating the process of compost maturing.  Certain states and municipalities use it in issuing composting permits. The Compost Maturity Index (CMI) is a new calculator that determines the location of maturity more precisely in a dynamic visual fashion, and enables printing an official report.

Solvita CMI Calculator Application: The CMI calculator is a macro-enabled spreadsheet that uses a statistical multi-regression model to validate the Maturity Index more precisely than previously available from the lookup table in the original Solvita® Users Guide. This will be especially helpful in combination with making readings with the Solvita DCR which measures CO2 and ammonia in continuous units. Using CMI helps avoid ambiguous classification. Un update of CMI issued December 2020 dynamically marks the maturity in the color chart within the calculator.

Note: Proper use of CMI requires Solvita CO2 + NH3 tests at certain intervals as compost is maturing.  Solvita probes and the DCR are sold separately.

Download: Excel macro-enabled spreadsheet

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