Solvita Reader Software


Version 1.5.


Version 1.5. (2021)

Overview:  Solvita Reader is a convenient, PC-based application available for download (it is included in all DCR/IRTH purchases).  Solvita Reader is for all Solvita users who have either the Digital Color Reader (DCR) or the IRTH respirometer. This app manages the units and acquisition of data which it displays visually and numerically. Users may choose to export the data to a csv file for future worksheet analysis or client reporting. Solvita Reader works with all IRTH and DCR products (Multi-Mode/Yellow and Single Mode/Green DCRs).

Instructions are included in the download.


  • Automatically detects and turns-on connected DCR or IRTH®
  • Reads test results real-time from unit connected during testing and displays on PC running Windows
  • Determines memory storage content (if any) and provides upload capability
  • Optionally writes data to a CSV file for import into Excel or equivalent
  • Currently available only for Windows platforms

Supporting Products