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4 Tests plus pH

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GardenCare Kit Overview: Soil biology is one of the most significant traits of sustainable soil fertility. GardenCare™ is a truly biological solution to soil care intended for gardening aficionados who rely chiefly on composts to maintain soil fertility and wish to monitor both the compost and the soil quality to achieve optimal results.

GardenCare Kit Application: GardenCare does two things: it helps determine actual maturity of compost which enables one to set safe, realistic application rates and it monitors background soil biological activity, which is an indicator of the response of the soil to natural management. From this one can determine the need for, and amount of, additional compost.  The test process is a means to calibrate soil biology with compost results and intrinsic soil fertility. As a check on background soil condition a simple quick-test for soil pH is included with instructions for interpretation.

GardenCare Kit Contents: Included in the test kit package are:

  • 2 soil (low CO2) detector probes
  • 2 compost (high CO2) and 2 ammonia (NH3) detector probes
  • 2 incubation jars (plastic), lids, and gas tight gaskets
  • 2 Color Charts for reading soil and compost results
  • pH test strips (15 strips)
  • 1 Instruction Manual with interpretation guide

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