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Overview: Grain and seed fungal colonization is a worldwide concern causing loss of seed quality, reduced germination, and increased hazard of mycotoxin contamination. The Solvita test is an early-detector system capable of revealing low to moderate levels of early fungal respiration, enabling preventative measures to be taken.

Application: This field application requires a small amount of grain such as employed in moisture determination which is placed in an incubation jar in the presence of a Solvita CO2 detector for 4 and 24-hrs to reveal “in-situ” respiration.  A new Purdue University application uses a small addition of water to bring the grain to 25% wetness and accurately assesses “spoilage potential” read over 4-hrs.  Tabulations in instruction manual allow estimated time of safe storage. Results of Solvita grain test may also be read more accurately with a Solvita Digital Color Reader (DCR) in the Lo-CO2 Basal mode to attain quantification as mg/kg grain.

Contents: Included in the test kit package are 100 Grain (CO2) detector probes and 1 color chart

Note: Jars are not included, can be purchased separately in 6 packs.

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