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Overview: Manures and organic-fertilizers can be unstable with high concentrations of free-ammonia, posing volatization and potential Nitrogen-loss. The Solvita Ammonia-N test is a simple and unique bio-chemical test which directly measures the volatized fraction. The test has also been used to measure volatile litter in animal facilities to reduce health effects.

Application: This field application requires only a small of amount of fresh manure or litter or moist organic fertilizer placed in the presence of a Solvita ammonia detector probe, which captures the ammonia within 4-hrs. The test can be extended to 24-hrs to assess slow N-loss. Range of NH3-N detection is from 300 – 30,000 ppm.

Results of Solvita Ammonia may also be read more accurately with a Solvita Digital Color Reader (DCR) in the NH3-mode to attain appropriate quantification as mg/kg and air volume % of free ammonia. In Colorado the Solvita Ammonia-Test is used by the Dept. of Agriculture to distinguish manure from actual compost.

Contents: Included in the test kit package are:

  • 6 NH3 (ammonia) detector probes
  • 6 Incubation jars (plastic), lids and gas-tight gaskets
  • 1 Color Chart for reading NH3 results
  • 1 Instruction Manual with interpretation guide

Refills: Additional probes and jars are available in varying quantities to refill the kit.

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